Digital Signage Image Pack

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Easy to create great looking diagrams

The graphics pack includes over 450 images that will enable you to create professional network diagrams for proposals, brochures and presentations using Visio, Photoshop, Inkscape, Illustrator, MS Word, PowerPoint and online diagramming tools. When it comes to creating that perfect looking proposal, choose between flat 2D or isometric shape styles or mix and match to highlight portions of your diagram. Create great looking digital signage network diagrams and project proposals using the specialy designed Digital Signage stencil and SVG graphics pack. Each shape is a vector graphic, making it the perfect resource for brochures and other printed material, website graphics, training material and presentations. The stencils and graphics pack includes high resolution PNG image for LCD screens, media players, kiosks and range of other digital signage components. Shapes can also be combined to create new components.

Digital Signage Visio stencils and SVG graphics pack

Shapes are highly detailed to support cabling diagrams and installation guides and the Visio stencils include an isometric connector set that will maintain isometric angles cabling between the shapes. The Visio stencils contain everything you need to create a detailed network diagram for your project including demo screens with digital signage content in portrait and landscape mode, as well as network equipment, video walls and scenes for context.

2D and Isometric angles

Two styles of diagramming are provided with 2D shapes and Isometric shapes, including demo screens, video walls and ports and plugs.

2D example diagram

Build your own scenes

The graphics pack includes a range of rooms, floors, walls, doors, furniture and people so that you can easily construct a demo scene for your digital signage project. Add some screens from the wide range of 2D and Isometric demo screens and you've got a professional looking diagram that gives the customer a way to visualize his project, or use any of the pre-built scenes included in the pack:

Pre-build scenes

The graphics pack contains

  • Equipment shapes (media players, screens, controllers, switches etc.)
  • Ports and plugs (VGA, DVI, HDMI, Ethernet etc.)
  • Demo screens with digital signage content
  • Video walls (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc.)
  • Pre-built scenes plus scenes parts to build your own
  • 2D and Isometric SVG versions of all shapes (these SVG images work with online diagramming tools like and gliffy)
  • High resolution PNG versions of all shapes
  • 11 Visio stencils containing all the shapes
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